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Enrico Coveri FW2010 show


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Colourful furs blending very well with the rest of the collection. My favorites are the fuchsia coat (second image in the second row), the green jacket (second image in the first row), of course the chinchilla jacket (last image in the second row), and the silver fox stole (the last image).


3300552_Coveri10aw-02-CJablonski.jpg 3300554_Coveri10aw-04-ATretter.jpg 3300555_Coveri10aw-05-Unk.jpg 3300556_Coveri10aw-06-Siri.jpg 3300559_Coveri10aw-09-KseniaK.jpg 3300561_Coveri10aw-11.jpg


3300564_Coveri10aw-14.jpg 3300567_Coveri10aw-17.jpg 3300570_Coveri10aw-20-Noorda.jpg 3300571_Coveri10aw-21-GStojilkovic.jpg 3300574_Coveri10aw-24-Unk.jpg 3300580_Coveri10aw-30.jpg


3300581_Coveri10aw-31.jpg 3300587_Coveri10aw-37.jpg

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