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Farah Fawcett in fur


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Farrah Fawcett


Born: 2 February 1947, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Passed: 25 June 2009, Santa Monica, California, USA


Farrah Fawcett, was a fresh-faced woman from Corpus Christi, Texas. In the early 1960s, she was voted the "Beautiful Woman" by her high school colleagues. In the late 1960s, she had her first break in guest-starring roles in shows such as "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965), "The Flying Nun" (1967) and "The Partridge Family" (1970). Then, in 1968, she dated actor Lee Majors, and the couple were married on July 28, 1973. Shortly after, Majors starred in his series "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1974) and Farrah guest-starred in four episodes. As her career took off, she posed in her red bathing suit for a poster, and it sold a staggering 8,000,000 plus copies.


After the poster was released, producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg starred her in the Crime/Drama Megahit show "Charlie's Angels" (1976). Farrah received a paycheck for $10,000 an episode, and when it started to take off, Majors wanted her home by 6:30 pm to have dinner on the table. Farrah felt dissatisfied about the direction of the show. Then, in 1977, after the first season wrapped, she abruptly left the series. Shortly there after, the departure resulted in a lawsuit with the producers of the series. Finally, she agreed to return to the series in guest spots for six episodes: three in the 1978-79 season, and the other three in the 1979-80 season. In late 1979, Fawcett and Majors had separated, and, since there was no reconciliation in sight, they were divorced in 1980. Farrah dated 'Ryan O'Neal' from 1980-1997. Then, in 1998, Farrah was severely injured by James Orr, after she had spurned his proposal of marriage. In 2006, Farrah was diagnosed with anal cancer After going through countless treatments, her health deteriorated rapidly, and she passed away on June 25, 2009, aged 62.


* * *


Farah Fawcett will always be remembered as the most glamorous Charlie's Angel, with possibly the most memorable hairdos of all times. But she also wore some gorgeous furs-just look at the magnificent sable coat she is wearing in the first picture below, which complements her incredibly beautiful hair.


Charlie's Angels years, pre-1990

42762d36668531.gif 85253736668752.gif f5fdfa40387107.gif 1dcff236668629.gif a6da1a36666967.gif


a3a8e111212ct.jpg 1867deae186dt.jpg th_27894_3_122_506lo.jpg th_25954_Farah_Fawcett_Celebrity_City_Various_Pics_82832_122_554lo.jpg



Post 1990 period

th_45554_celebrity_city_Farah_Fawcett_5_123_394lo.jpg th_45631_celebrity_city_Farah_Fawcett_8_123_505lo.jpg af3984d34bcft.jpg th_28420_19_122_369lo.jpg 787a32d252bdt.jpg


54bcb0da8da7t.jpg b03459f9b883t.jpg b2eae74b789ft.jpg be25e8cbfb6ft.jpg 15e68bbde86ft.jpg


683952043c1dt.jpg 3ecf0f4823c5t.jpg ab035b5a5cb0t.jpg


Farah Fawcett at a Zang Toi fashion show:

57084d853c74t.jpg th_74451_Alex6_CC_FarrahFawcett_918_122_900lo.jpg th_74457_Alex6_CC_FarrahFawcett_025_122_393lo.jpg th_74459_Alex6_CC_FarrahFawcett_139_122_969lo.jpg 2024fa42f8a5t.jpg


th_74462_Alex6_CC_FarrahFawcett_048_122_493lo.jpg th_74464_Alex6_CC_FarrahFawcett_353_122_763lo.jpg th_74471_Alex6_CC_FarrahFawcett_362_122_756lo.jpg dfaa217301f2t.jpg

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Great collection, samurman!


Funny thing, I never really remembered Farrah as a big fur-wearer. I'm very happy that your photos changed that remembrance. Rest in peace, Farrah - you're a hell of a lady!



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These histories and images are quite simply stunning.


Thankyou for hours of work and research I'm sure Samurman



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