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Roninphy and Samurman Thank You


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In my opinion, you both have given new life to this forum.


The work required to produce these posts. Most have no idea.


Thank you again.

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Thank you Itsend and Worker for your very kind words and for making a point of leaving a comment.

May I return the complement ?


Here's a big tip of the hat to itsend, I have befitted from, and of course ,truly enjoyed your many finds and indefatigable posting here at the den.

As a BIG a bow to you , Worker for your sense of humor, encyclopedic knowledge and deft turn of phrase, you have brightened many a day for me.


I enjoy finding images and trying to figure out the story as Rod Steward reminded us in the song " Every picture tells a story don't it ".

My exploration of Marilyn as an icon and exemplar of the "femme in fur" has been fun, a kind of evolving , passion involving putting together a puzzle without really knowing how many pieces there are ,or what the final picture will be like. I find it is a way to see things that I had not considered before

Samurman has the intensity, interest and drive to find the most fascinating pieces of a puzzle and the skill to create his own story lines as well, witness the Joan Collins collage of images. I appreciate his efforts all the more , because I have been looking for some the wonderful images he has found and added to the collective story.


So thanks guys , I hope we can attract more like minded folks to share their thoughts and leave a few more comments about what they see and find appealing. Sometimes by visit count a thread will be read 100 time before some body volunteers - a comment.

To those of you who enjoy what you see - leave a comment it stimulates further contributions .


(Off soap box- back down on to chair )





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itsend and worker, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. This is a great community we have here, and I value your companionship very much. The real fun in clicking through endless images and saving thousands of them to your harddrive is in sharing them and getting feedback from dear friends.

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