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New Furfetish Site - Furlayers.com


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Hi all furlovers,

I want you all to show the place http://furlayers.com. When you have a happy


furfetish, furlayering, Cumming on Furs, etc., visit this place and look at the


fur photos and especially fur fetish videos, which are continually added. Anyone of you


can write me, his dream, his vision, his fantasy, what he wants to see the fur.


Thank you and good furs day,



And now look at a small tasting:


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I wanted to visit the page but it was not available and also the album on TFD appears to be removed. Thats a little sad 😞

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That was 11 years ago, a fursluts.com spinoff I think. There were a few of those but they never really took off. I think you should be able to find most if not all material on various other websites. 

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