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This is Nuts


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Might be a mistake. Or might be aimed at the unwary buyer.


Ever heard of "Tilly Hats"? For a long while they made them and charged a fortune. At the same time the exact same company owned a boat off shore that pounded out replicas by the thousands that sold for a tiny portion of the price. Everything made just the same. Just a different label and a tiny fraction of the price. They put out a product, and then were their own competition leaving absolutely no room anywhere for others to squeeze in. Brilliant idea.


To me doing it under the same company name is ridiculous. However, it might just be...



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I think this is an example of how wacky fur pricing can be. I'm sure the coat is made in China or wherever if they can sell it profitably at $1995. But if they can sell it profitably at $1995 just what kinda markup are they using when offering it at $3995??? It was offered on their web site at $1995 all season (so the price is not an end of season deal that could potentially explain the site to site pricing discrepancy).


I want a black fox or brown fox coat (okay, forgot the "or" ... it's "and" LOL), so have been tempted to order this one. But the way the sleeves appear to "bunch up" at the wrist (plus the price point) make me pause. It looks like a pretty nice coat ... But not necessarily a great coat.


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Have you read the customer comment at the company website?


"As a Professional Male Model and Actor , I own and have Modeled MANY Furs , this one in Black fox is fabulous . I can't tell you how much more than BUY IT , before there all gone ! Just fantastic .. fits great Long , warm , Luster is super and you'll want to sleep in it ! I tell you if the made it in Brown I'd get an other one ! THIS IS ONE YOU CAN'T PASS UP ! MY Very BEST WISHES Enjoy it ! ( you will ! ) Thank you and the customer service is fantastic too ! JEFFREY RIEDEL "


A model/actor owning MANY furs! Wow!


I have made a little search of this guy, and voila! He's got a personal website: http://www.jeffreyriedel.com/


At this point, I remember that posts in this forum will automatically be deleted in 90 days, so I better turn this into a separate post in the main forum, for posterity.

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