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have you ever seen this site?


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Great find, furslave! " title="Applause" /> I agree with White Fox - It'll take quite awhile to go through almost 53,000 pages - ! You know what I like best about the pics? Most, at least, of the women modeling the furs are obviously not professional models. Think I might consider setting up an account there . . . (!)

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i searched 'fox fur', and got 6,626 images! Looked at the first 2 pages, and found the red head with blue eyes. If you love red heads like me, you gotta look.

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I'm glad you all like.

I honeslty though that after all those years looking and searching the web, everything had been discovered.

I'm even happier to say that its me who found the site!



Thanks to all and keep digging and posting.

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