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Where does the time go?


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Something came up today which made me think a lot about my time on The Fur Den. I had forgotten what my anniversary date was so I went into the archives. If any of you are new and have not spent time in the forum which evolved into what we are, you are missing some great threads.


I will have been here 5 years in another month. I can't believe changes in my life over these last five years, and how much of it has been connected with all of you. Many of the wonderful people have moved on for a variety reasons. I will always miss them. Then there are those new members who have picked up the ball and allowed us to continue on. What a wonderful group. My life is blessed to have met you and shared so much of my recent life.


I just wanted to thank you all. I hope you enjoy this poem I found.









One Day We Met On The Internet


One day we met,

On this internet,

On our keyboards we typed away

The things we had to say,

We chatted about our lives

Our triumphs and our strifes

Little did we know

We would let our feelings show,

In each other we have grown to care

To each other we are always there,

I am so that glad we met

On the internet

We have a friendship that is true,

I am thankful that I met you.


~Copyright © Michelle KS~

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Linda... Great that you know the date you first came on site. I've lost all track! I do well remember when you did come on though.


As you mention, this is a fantastic place to come. To relax. To have fun. To post. To search. To show your photos. Talk about your feelings. Talk about your furs. and all.


It is so great to see so many of the old faces here too mixed in with the new. Peoples interests change, etc.


And hey. Just think. If you had not met me. Think of what you would have missed!!!! Great to have worked with you and the others here as well, and indeed hope we all are together for many, many more years to come.



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Congrats, Linda! Hard to believe that 5 years have come and gone so quickly. Thank you for everything you done here and all that you have meant to us!



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