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Hungarian/Italian furrier catalog


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Hello all!


After a break-in in my car I lost my computer with over 12 years of gathered fur images, so now I'm starting all over again. One batch of pictures I remember very much was from a Hungarian or Italian furrier, which I had a complete catalogue from with around 100 pics. Some of the pics were very stylish and in black and white with three women in furs and underwear around a pool table. The name of the files were something like "katalogus001.jpg" and so on.

Anybody recognize these images and can tell me where to find them?


I'm also looking for older pictures from Argiriou Furs, not the ones they have on their site at the moment.


Thanks in advance!

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itsend: That's right! Do you know where to find the rest of the pictures?


JGalanos: I totally agree, both their designs and their pictures was of much better quality a couple of years ago.

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