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Fiji is a strange place indeed!

White Fox

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Just found out a previously unknown story involving the Queen of England. I could not believe this! I thought that this might add a bit of class here.


The Queen and Prince went to Fiji not long ago. The Queen was wearing a huge white fox hat. Problem is of course that Fiji is probably 50 degrees centigrade most any time of year. ROASTING hot to say the least. You can cook an egg on the hood of any car standing outside in the sun!


Well, after the welcoming ceremonies were half over the Queen had huge drops of sweat coming off of her face. And, at one point she almost fainted. The Prince leaned over and a reporter apparently actually heard him ask her, "Your majesty, Why did you wear that fur hat today when you knew that we were coming to Fiji?"


The Queen looked at him and said "Well, yesterday I was talking to that stupid ugly Camilla, and mentioned that we were coming to Fiji today. And she looked at me and said "Fiji! Were de' fauks 'at!"



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