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Golden fox?


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Does anyone own a "golden" fox coat like these? I'm trying to work out what golden fox is like. Blue fox is my favourite fox - shorter hairs and very dense. Silver fox looks amazing, but to me silver fox hairs are longer and less dense, and consequently not as pleasant to the touch. Where does golden fox lie on this scale?


I love the look of the first two coats, though the first full length one appears to be feathered. But the third coat looks a little different from the first two whilst still being "golden".







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The only golden fox I'm aware of is Golden Island or Golden Isle fox. (I've run across "golden fox" faux fur before, but not the real thing.)


I've seen Golden Island fox in varying degrees of quality. I would say the higher quality garments I have seen have been of roughly the same softness as my silver fox and crystal fox coats.


Personally, I would choose Golden Island over blue fox for color/fashion reasons (which is why I buy furs in the first place). Blue fox may be a little softer to the touch, but the (typically) pale color is not very flattering on me.


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JGalanos has said most of what needs to be said. There is no "golden fox" but "golden island fox" or "golden isle fox" is a well known and appreciated fox type. There are some fine golden island fox examples in our gallery. Here is a quick selection from long time favs:

Bodywhey in thick and huge golden island f/l coat: http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10033/bodyc287_3ca.JPG

Gotaget in what may be the standard f/l golden island coat: http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10033/goldenislefr225mr4ca.jpg

A classic fur image: http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10033/F2088ca.jpg

Stunning Julia Stegner in golden island fox bolero: http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10157/05_PA_RTW_PACO_0335.jpg

Golden island coat from mailonfurs: http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10033/malonfoxpalto2ca.jpg



Golden island ranks high in my list of preferred furs, alongside crystal fox and arctic marble fox.

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Well, Kostas' reply prompted me to check the Saga Furs website, and indeed, they have a Golden fox:



But if you look at Saga's range of fox furs, you will see that they don't have Red fox in it!



My conjecture is that Saga Furs is calling what would normally be called as red fox as Golden fox.

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I was going to edit my previous post, but then decided to leave it as it is, because it shows how easily one can confuse "Golden" and "Gold."


If you look at the Saga link, you will see they call it Gold fox, not Golden fox.

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yes the fox I've shown you from our design is Gold Fox,

we also call it Golden.

And I think its different from Red Fox, although there are some too reddish gold foxes that look pretty much alike.

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