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Matara dyed beaver

Guest manywonderfulfurs

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Hi, manywonderfulfurs,


I will tell you story I have been told. There are other members who know more than me, maybe they can correct or confirm the story I know.


Matara was the method used to dye and shear seal pelts and to this day these coats can still be found. On the inside of the pelt you will find the stamp. This symbol became a guarantee of the highest quality. Can't sell them on ebay though, they are protected.


Later there was a color that was named after this process. So, your answer is probably two fold:


1) The 1940's (? not certain of time frame) method to process seal (believe it was US government controlled), and


2) A color named after this process, which is a deep brown, similar in coloring to the Matara processed seal.


OK, others. Is this story true?



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