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Important info re emails and spam

White Fox

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First off, this has nothing to do with our email system here at the Den. However.


I've noticed lately that I have suddenly a lot less spam. My personal email is in many places on the net due to business, and thus very much a target of spam. I was getting my share although quite bearable with the way I had things set. Then, I was getting no spam at all suddenly. HOWEVER, at the same time I seemed to be losing the odd email. At first no one would let on what was going on.


I have emails that involve two servers. Both were the same. Finally one tech told me that they had installed a new spam filter system. It was according to him 99.999999999 percent accurate, so there was no need to save deleted messages to inspect. They are all instantly deleted. The old system that saved junk mail to a special box no longer works. But according to him this system is so accurate you would almost NEVER lose a good email! That didn't help me as I was losing messages. Next conversation the system was close to 99% accurate. Then, in a conversation with a tech from the same server they admit that it is very possible to lose the "odd message now and then", and I think he mentioned it is about 95% accurate. Then, they tell me that there IS a way to turn the system off. And of course get all of the spam. Yet if I leave it turned on, they are telling me "This system is so great that you get 95% of your messages!" Yep, that means I am losing 5% of the messages.


If you are noticing these symptoms. Absolutely NO spam where there used to be a good bit, AND you seem to be losing an email now and then you may be on this system. Beware! If your server has converted to it you probably ARE losing emails.



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I remember a filter system like that. A former co-worker had stood it up without talking to me and sold the rest of the company on how good it was. Sure, it works well for a hand-full of people, less than 10 at most. Anything beyond that number and it starts to generalize and mass delete messages that it deems unsafe. A portion of it is the software's fault and the bulk of the fault falls on the people that set it up. If they don't take the time to screen what is being deleted for the first couple of weeks, then people will lose email messages. It took me a long time to un-convince the company to not use it until one day it starting breaking down and at first, let nothing through. Then it crashed all together and "everything" came through. Like I mentioned, it's not bad but it has to be setup correctly.

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People who run internet services like mail servers need to realize that their function is more like that of the electric company than that of the police department. Consequently, the service they provide has to stay within a very narrow set of parameters.


In other words, the e-mail service is supposed to DELIVER messages while only filtering out the most egregious of spam violations. If they step outside those boundaries they are not doing their jobs. Unfortunately, many people who can not do their jobs often try to compensate for their inadequacies by convincing their superiors that there are other, more important jobs to do. Basically, it's all bullshit. It's all because of small men who are trying to make up for their small penises.


Now... If the people at public ISPs did their jobs we wouldn't have this spam problem in the first place!

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