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Article: "No child should go without mink baby booties..."


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From a Beverly Hills, California fur devotee.


"My beautiful and expansive collection today spans generations, decades and closets. Fur is forever. Fur represents the cycle of life. Fur is the original green (see more on that below)..."



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What a thoroughly enjoyable read! This woman is incredible! She is a true fur lover, whose attraction goes a little beyond being a fur fashionista. ("Many people shy away from dyed fur, not I. I have a deep emerald green lynx collar and matching cuffs that are so soft I have often wanted to take them to bed. I have a pink fuchsia mink scarf that I have taken to bed . . . I have a brilliant red hand knit sheared beaver vest that I wish I could use as a pillowcase it’s so soft, cozy and warm . . . There is truly nothing like the feeling of fur against your skin . . .") Thanks for sharing this, Joey! Great find!

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