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Fur Coats: A Lifestyle


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You're right. Production values are pretty low, even for a YouTube video but it is telling.


I thought it was interesting that these two girls wore fur for the first time and realized it wasn't so bad... in fact it was kind of nice. They are probably so used to being told how "bad" fur is.


I liked how they said that wearing fur makes them feel like they have authority and that they are powerful like Superman.


Yeah, they act pretty silly but if you can filter out for the "silly college girl" humor it is interesting to watch.

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Not bad.


I think that most people, if offered the chance to wear fur, would do so. That's been my (limited) experience.

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Yeah, I don't think it takes much effort to get anyone to try on a fur coat once. I don't know how many would get 'hooked' the some of us have...



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