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Kim Kardashian


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Y'Know... Regardless of your message the first impression of your picture gallery is extremely important in getting your point across. If you have a sloppy looking gallery people are just going to click off to the next page without thinking about it.


Those pictures are all arranged haphazardly. They are poorly cropped and exposed. Some of them aren't even displayed at the right aspect ratio. They are all stretched or squeezed. And, if you're trying to point the finger at somebody, why don't you put the name of the person you are talking about under the picture? Isn't that the whole point of having a "Wall of Shame?"


The owner of that site is clearly a two-bit nobody.

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Oh, no! I'm not talking about you!


I'm talking about that gallery page on your first link where the pictures of people who wear fur are posted in an effort to make a "Wall of Shame."




The whole website looks like crud. The Wall of Shame page looks even worse. The captions are not under each picture. They are haphazardly arranged. Many of them are stretched or squeezed out of their original aspect ratio. Quite a few of them are poorly taken and poorly cropped. The page just goes on and on and doesn't add much to the whole website.

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