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New site is up


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It looks like our old friend Braahp has got his sites up and running.


edit by White. I've a big apology to make here.

Folks I originally removed this because of adult content. However, I find that I have been hasty. I found the difficult entry to the site. Then, just as I found a link that I thought I recognized from before that would not fit The Den's rules my computer froze up on the site and would not go back in again after due to a slow connection here. I owe Braaph and Chubby both a big apology. Yes, this was technically oriented but I am in the wrong here. Thank goodness Mr B was here with a faster computer to get in again to verify my mistake. Believe me it will not happen again!


We will indeed be putting the link on the links page. We have a bunch more to go in at the same time.



Go check them out. These should be added to the links page, no?




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WF asked me to check out the link again. I had already done so and hadn't really seen anything that broke any rules, albeit that it does state that it is an "Adults Only Site".


However, that page is the front door. You have to "sign your life away" to gain entry to the forum (and they could have used AKCoyote's help in picking the style*grin*)


Now, to my way of thinking and due to circumstances beyond White's control (ie my seeing how far I can push new status *grin*) here is the link




BTW this is not a shot at WF... he asked me to check it out. It is more a way of putting myself in the firing line should anyone complain about the link to anyone

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I mention this only because I've already been slapped on the wrist for posting in the wrong section. Shouldn't this be in the "no spam zone"? Granted it's not chubby's site, but it is promoting a site.


Just curious

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Wallee... Really good question. I'll explain here so all understand.


The key here is that as you menitoned "It is Braaph's site".


#1. These posts are ok because it is a member posting info about another member's site. Just like a member could post info about Lana's site in the old Den, it is ok for these posts to be here.

#2. If Braaph's site had no banners it would certainly be ok for him to post info about it on the Spam site. In my view it would be ok for him to post a link to it in the Den when it opened. It would not be ok for him to continually post about it in the Den.

#3. If Braaph's site had banners it would be ok for him to post about it on the Spam site.


Remember that this is indeed a site in the making as we mentioned. We are still experimenting with some of these rules as well as the actual hardware of the site itself. Any suggestions you have on this we would love to hear.


Hope that helps all here understand the new setup.

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