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16 Dec 2008, 11:14PM



I live in Norway. We laugh at you with your eight degrees minus in Chicago. Last week it was -17C where I live and it's always below freezing here during this part of the year.

Hardly anyone wears fur around here, it's not warm enough, certainly not nearly as warm as modern wind-proof fabrics. Don't let anyone con you into believing that fur helps you stay warm, the only reason to wear fur is because you are the kind of sad person who thinks it looks cool.



The author of the blog, Lucy Siegle, is an idiot. Rabbit testicles? On shoes? Ridiculous!


This OffensiveUnsuitable character is an idiot as well.




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You can wear all the Polartec synthetic "wind-breaking" fabrics you want. It isn't as warm as fur. Sorry, but I've tried both.


Elsewhere, under "Favorite Fur Wearing Moment?" I mentioned my Rocky Mountain High experience wearing fur to a project site for a railroad. All the railroad types there for the meeting were wearing official company-issued Cabela-designed synthetic greenhouse-gas-contributing jackets.... and freezing their tooties off in the cold west wind at

-5 degrees (before wind chill). I was quite warm in my fur parka, thank you very much!


I might add that the cold west wind made it a very short meeting.

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I remember the story of an Arctic expedition around the turn of the 20th Century where the explorers would have frozen to death if not for their Inuit guides bringing them caribou furs to wear against the cold.


I don't remember exactly but I am pretty sure it was an episode of "Nova" on PBS. I remember them discussing the properties of caribou fur that make it the most protective garment that one can wear in the cold. It has something to do with the shape and composition of the hairs and the way they "lock together" to make a cohesive layer which keeps out cold.


I think it was Peary's expedition. Here's a picture of the party at the North Pole:



Take a close look at that picture and you'll notice they are all wearing fur!

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I knew there was something about the quote in the post which began this thread that was bothering me, and I finally figured it out: basic 8th grade science. "MS Norway" can laugh that -17C is "colder" than -8F, but it's not; it's equal to 1 degree F, which I believe is warmer than -8. So, the joke's on you, darlin'.

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That quote from the Norwegian was a response to this quote:




16 Dec 2008, 10:27PM


You anti-fur people just make me laugh.


Here's the long and the short of it: our species, homo sapiens, is a part of the animal kingdom. We just happen to be top of the food chain. Homo sapiens is also the only species that needs to clothe itself. If we weren't on the scene, there would be a different food chain with some species killing others. It's nature - get over it!


This selective bleating against furs is just plain hypocritical when other animal uses are ignored. And yes, that goes right down to keeping pets. See? You cannot separate homo sapiens from the rest of the animal kingdom.


Meanwhile, here in Chicago, it's about minus 8C and snowing.


Love your furs!


"Those who don't wwear fur just don't know what they're missing."



Both minus 8 and minus 17 are in Celsius, not Fahrenheit.


Anyway, I still think the Norwegian is an idiot.



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