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ebay seller dreamfurs?

Lil Dragonfly

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A while ago there was a seller on ebay called dreamfurs. They had about a dozen brand-new chinchilla coats for $600 each. (Too bad I didn't have $600 )


Does anyone know what happened to them? I have noticed that many former ebay sellers moved to nextag. But I didn't see them on nextag.


Please help!

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This was one of a few ebay stores operated by a Canadian (Montreal if I recall correctly) furrier. I can't think of any of the other store names and a quick ebay store search turned up no leads. I have not seen much activity from the furrier in the past year or so. I think they had some coyote pieces for sale a few months ago.


On the plus side, they had some nice pieces. In particular I fondly recall a men's 3/4 length Canadian sable coat that I coveted. On the minus side, they were lousy at responding to e-mails. I asked them for pricing when I was getting quotes for a custom coyote coat and by the time they got around to responding to my e-mail the coat was already under construction in New York.


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