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Dam I missed it! Our Anniversary

White Fox

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Darn it I missed it. If I am correct, on Feb 24 of 2006 the Den was born. It had been through a huge construction time with FrBrGr and AKcoyote building the site etc., and a few people (Lynxette, Refur, and Mr B as I recall) as well as all mods later doing final checkups and such. But it was opened to the public on that day.


At that time we did not have a Gallery yet. Post counts did not reflect posts made in the old Den site. We did not have a Library. If our links area existed at all, it was very crude in comparison to today. The Archives site did not exist. The Melody site did not exist at all. And our forums structure was very different.


Indeed, it was opened earlier than we had thought. A short while before it was to open the old Melody site went down again. So, we opened the new site two days early to give folks a chance to use it.


We've certainly grown a lot since then! It is pretty unbelievable for instance to think that we now have 20,000 pictures in our Gallery, and the huge links section that we have for instance.


A very late Happy Birthday to the Fur Den! May you have many more!!!



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Its a great place with great posts.....thanks to you all inc WF et al.


Here's to many more years and ideas... " title="Applause" />



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" title="Applause" /> This is a great site. I never tire of looking things up here. Glad I joined close to the anniversary.

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For those who may not be aware of it, this website is the third incarnation of "TheFurDen". The first was started by FrBrGr at the now defunct delphiforums; The second was when theFurDen merged with the Melody O'hair forums that were run by Fuzzywol.


More info on this can be found in FrBrGr's personal pages in our wiki:


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As a charter member, I'm pleased to wish all of you a very happy fourth anni-fur-sary. Can you believe it's been over a decade since we first converged over at the former Delphi Forums? I do miss the "old days". But, I'm equally delighted how fur has been embraced by popular-culture and fashion during the past ten years -- despite the global recession and a few overzealous party poopers.


We have many to thank for fur's resurgence: the brash spirit and confidence of hip-hop culture, designers and artists from around the globe, the secondary vintage-garment market ---- and most notably, fur lovers like you who continue to share this part of your lives on the internet.


Thank you, one and all.





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