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Manitoba Trappers Association sponsors Canadian Olympian


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Megan Imrie, Canadian Olympic Biathlete is being sponsored by the trappers assoc. and is a proud fur wearer.


But when it comes to conveying what it would mean to represent Canada at Vancouver 2010, the Canmore-based biathlete would rather show

off her own symbol of national pride--a fur hat.....Wearing fur is the most Canadian thing you could possibly do.


Just another reason to be proud of our Canadian athletes.






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I thought playing hockey was the most Canadian thing to do!

But a fur hat would be pretty good, too.


How about playing hockey while wearing a fur hat?



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I watched the medal ceremony for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (ice dance, 2010 Vancouver Olympics) and noticed that the ladies that brought out the medals were wearing identical coats/sweaters that looked like knit fur.




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