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Internet Phenomena


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For a bit of humour, I thought a topic on internet phenomena would be fun. For those who have never heard of an internet phenomenon I'll briefly explain: It is when something relatively unknown becomes increasingly popular across the internet.. It could be anything from an video clip to a website.


I'll give you a couple.



This is Ellen Feiss in an advert for apple. At the time this was filmed she was 15. Now the reason this became an internet phenomenon is because many who had watched the ad had suspected that she was under the influence of some kind of illict drug(s).. Notice the slightly red eyes, slurred speech and the way her eyes can't seem to focus on one spot. Whether or not she was high, it's a pretty funny advert.



This is Milk and Cereal, two guys lip syncing the song: Milk and Cereal. I don't think I have to explain why this became famous across the net... I found this frikkin' funny anyhow.


If anyone knows of any other internet phenomena then feel free to post.

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Checking out other internet phenomena, I came across this site.




Check out the movies part, and watch any of the commercials.


Not for the weak of heart. I just wish I had known that before *I* watched them. In the dark, no less.


Anyone who lives in Germany might already know about these.



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:lol: tigress I love that from k-fee.com specially the newer ones

best effect when viewing on tv






I had no clue what to expect when I watched the k-fee commercials, so the unexpected surprise at the end of the commercial snapped me out of what was a rather peaceful 'half asleep' state into full on terrorized mode.


I am *not* a horror fan at all, so I spent the next few hours tip-toeing around the house, pulling up shades and finding more fur to "hide" in.


Not my finest moment.



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...I said that was disturbing. It's nothing compared to this...




I won't say anything apart from this: Warning: Some may find this very disturbing or even offensive. Watch only if you are THAT curious. Also, watching this at night may be a bad idea...


*I was going to ask my fellow mods about this before taking any action, but the more I wrote, and the more I described the video (so that they wouldn't actually have to watch it), the more I realized how deeply disturbing this video is, and potentially even offensive. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight now. Just kidding...I think. Anywho, if you're really dying to see this, and want to scare the hell out of yourself, ask s1m17 for this link.


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