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Fox pet?


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When I was a kid in grade school my neighbor had a red fox a a pet.


They kept it outside. But it was just as friendly as any dog but a little bit more skittish.


I couldn't imagine keeping one in the house, though. The way I grew up, any dog bigger than a Poodle or a Schnauzer was considered to be an "outside dog."

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My cousin H had a fox. He was a biology teacher and found her on the way to school one morning. She had been hit by a car. H nursed her back to health and had her for a cohabitating mammal for a year or so. The fox, Reynard, was quite friendly. However, he eventually made it through the pasture fence and went to live on his own, which is probably for the best for a non-domestic critter.


H also had a bobcat for a while, raised from a kitten. His name was Bob (duh!).



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