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Candids NY shows 1 of 7 100+ pics


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I've not had a chance to look through these in detail yet. However, one thing really was spectacular to me. So often when we have walked down the street in recent years the only people in fur were over 96 years old! But take a look at those photos. The number of people in there that are under say 35 years of age. It might even be a majority. I just have not had a chance to study them out yet but think it might be a majority by a fair number.


Now THAT is startling and great news for the industry! Some gals in there are maybe even late teens.


Great job again itsend. As OFF mentioned, would be really great to have some of these posted in our Gallery. Anyone can transfer some of them (or all of them) over. In this thread they are pretty much gone from view in a couple of months where few will ever find them. And, they can be taken down by the other site. If they are stored in our Gallery we can always enjoy them very quickly.


Any Den Member who has a few minutes free can do that. Easy to do. And it will help us all out.



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