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Fur on the Howard Stern Show


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I hope all the Howard Stern fans caught commediane Charlie Murphy (Eddie Murphy's brother) on the show recently. Charlie wore his black mink throughout the interview. When animal lovers Howard and Robin Quivers questioned him about it, Charlie told them that he walked into the store (didn't name 'the store'), saw the coat and bought it. Thought it looked great on him. When asked if he was concerned about people throwing paint on it, or hassling him, he said that the peta-types are too afraid of black people to ever f**k with their furs. Way to go, Charlie!


I checked the Howard Stern websites. Photos from last week are not up yet. I'll post some if they become available.




...and if you get HowardonDemand from your local cable company, be sure to check out his appearence under 'Daily Shows'.

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I've kept up with his show a lot over the years.


I would say when he first moved to satellite, there was a bit with his intern JD. He was a member on some webcam sex site and they were running down the list of different "shows" the site offered. One of them was a "fur fetish" show. Unfortunately they connected the fur fetish as those crazy people who wear animal fur suits ( lion or tiger) and have those orgies. Its a shame, because I would have loved to hear Howard's opinion on a real fur fetish.

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I can imagine what Stern would do with that on the air!


You're right. Somebody needs to set him straight on the difference between "furry fetish" and "fur fetish."

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