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oh no!

Lil Dragonfly

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I spent a lot of time and effort writing a huge long thing about the ethics of fur. The first part was about how animals are treated in fur farms. The rest of it explained the many ways fur helps save animals and the environment.


My friends gave it rave reviews, saying that it converted them into wearing fur. I was going to post it here, but decided that I would wait until I was finished writing it first.


Well recently I went to the eating disorders forum (where I had put it up)...


The entire forum had been deleted by proboards. And the fur essay was one of the things I hadn't backed up yet.


It's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Look in your browser cache. (History)


There is a remote possibility that it might still be in there. It depends on how you have your browser set up. Mine is set to cache the last 7 days of activity.


You MIGHT be able to recover it from there.

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So much for (moderated) free speech. Provided it had no insulting / rude issues what right have they to remove it except on the grounds of Censorship! Clearly your article rattled a few cages!!!!!


Let us know the forum, perhaps we could ask them as a collective what happened to it??



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The mods of the forum did not remove it. What I meant was, proboards went and deleted the entire forum.


Pro-ana sites get deleted all the time, for liability reasons.

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The web browser you are using, Microsoft Internet Explorer, records all the websites you have visited for the last several days. If your settings have not been changed, the record could go back for several weeks. This information is not stored on the web. It is stored inside your computer. Even if the website is gone you MIGHT be able to retrieve the information from your computer.


Go to this page to see more information:



If you are lucky you might be able to go back into your computer's browser history and retrieve that page where you posted your essay.


The longer you wait to do it, the less your chances of success.

If you did it right when you found the site got dumped you would have had an almost certain chance of retrieving it. Now that four days have gone by you will have to spend more time looking. But all is not lost yet. Go check into your computer's browser history and see if you can still find that page.


You MIGHT be able to retrieve all your work!

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