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Irina Shabayeva FW2011 and the rest of NY Fashion week


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The NY Fashion Week is under way and designers are presenting their ready to wear collections for Fall-Winter 2010-2011!


For those following Project Runway, a TV reality competition for aspiring fashion designers, Irina Shabayeva was the winner of the last (sixth) season and her collection for fw 2010 is dripping with fur!


9667184910.th.jpg 9667190910.th.jpg 9667196310.th.jpg 9667159210.th.jpg 9667157410.th.jpg


9667188810.th.jpg 9667190210.th.jpg 9667191110.th.jpg 9667193610.th.jpg 9667192410.th.jpg 9667223810.th.jpg


9667194410.th.jpg 9667192110.th.jpg 9667188610.th.jpg 9667188210.th.jpg 9667191010.th.jpg


9667193310.th.jpg 9667192310.th.jpg 9667201810.th.jpg 9667195510.th.jpg 9667193810.th.jpg


9667158610.th.jpg 9667196610.th.jpg 9667158510.th.jpg 9667208410.th.jpg 9667199710.th.jpg


9667210510.th.jpg 9667189310.th.jpg 9667153810.th.jpg 9667185610.th.jpg 9667160210.th.jpg 9667196510.th.jpg


9667161510.th.jpg 9667179710.th.jpg 9667161810.th.jpg 9667191610.th.jpg 9667167210.th.jpg 9667198810.th.jpg


9667172510.th.jpg 9667176810.th.jpg 9667177710.th.jpg 9667173410.th.jpg



9667171110.th.jpg 9667177910.th.jpg 9667182210.th.jpg 9667182610.th.jpg

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