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Faux Fur Cleaning Tip


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I have probably worn my 3 faux furs as much as I've worn my 10 real furs this season (for me the season is long ... beginning mid September and ending mid May). Fine quality faux fur is nothing to dismiss these days and in my experience can be comfortably worn in ~45 degree weather.


I somehow managed to get gunk on the sleeves of two of my faux fur jackets. Water did not do the trick. Through a web search I found a few sites recommending baby wipes as a means of gently removing stains from faux furs. I had some Splash N Go in the car, so (after defrosting it!) I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised to find it effectively removed the gunk from both garments.


Passing this along to any other faux fur owner scratching his/her head about how to address this issue.


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