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A fur loving fashion blogger: Fashion She Says


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Here is one of the many fashion blogger ladies embracing furs:



She states her position on fur from the outset in her very first post:

"Most people have strong sentiments about fur... Personally, I don't eat animals (I'm a vegan), but I wear them."

Another memorable quote: "Someday I hope to swan about in nothing but vintage gowns, jewels & fur."


She wears full length fur coats, fur jackets, fur vests, fox, mink, rabbit, mongolian lamb, faux fur, fur trims, cuffs, collars. So many furs are featured in her blog, and I should add that she started blogging only in August 2009, that I had to make a selection. Check out her following posts especially, the best ones are near the top:

* Vintage W.H. Harris beaver and fox fur coat: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2010/01/grayhound.html

* Vintage Bloomingdales mink coat: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/12/beauty-beast.html

* Vintage mink coat by George Strain: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2010/01/snow-creature.html

* Chevron style vintage mink coat by The Hurtigs of Vaughan St: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2010/01/fuzzy-wuzzy-was-bear.html

* Philip Lim Mongolian fur chubby: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/12/orient-express.html

* Red fox fur chubby: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/11/fantastic-mr-fox.html

* Suede overcoat trimmed with shaggy fur: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2010/01/ooh-child.html

* Marc by Marc Jacobs red wool coat with coyote cuffs and collar, mink head band: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/12/girl-with-one-red-coat.html

* Philip Lim shearling chubby: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/12/hat-shepsut.html

* Elizabeth and James blazer jacket lined with rabbit fur: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/10/warm-fuzzy.html

* Leopard faux fur motorcycle jacket: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/10/see-spot-run.html

* Faux fur blonde jacket by Milly: http://www.fashionshesays.com/2009/10/tangled-up-in-plaid.html


Please do leave comments of apprecation, admiration and congratulation in her blog. We need more girls like her!

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