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Gallery count

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I might say that we now have over 20,000 pictures in The Gallery


The vast majority of these pictures are of good to excellent quality. Many are very large and high resolution.


Congratulations to all our members for their participation and additions to this count and the excellence of The Gallery.



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There are two people who I need say a huge thank you to for this...


You folks out there who have posted photos are the first one. Every photo ads something to that area of our web site. And without you folks to post the photos this site would be a small shadow of itself. You folks deserve a whole lot of credit for searching out so many photos like that and posting them there.


Secondly to that. I want to thank OFF, and those who have helped him in working in the Gallery. Off (For short) has done a tremendous job of the work needed in there. It is not easy doing a job like that day in and day out. Year in and year out. It is almost never ending! But it is due to the work of he and the other folks who work there that the Gallery is what it is! 20,000 photos with very few repeats. And 20,000 high quality photos!


I still remember how enthused that I was with the old site when it had probably 150 pictures posted in there. While AKCoyote was building this site and FrBrGr and I were giving ideas on changes needed, etc., I remember of how a Gallery was mentioned, and I remember thinking that it would be so nice for it to have 150 pictures. But I knew it probably never would. Then, suddenly it was here. And look at the outcome! What a beautiful place.


Again a HUGE thank you to everyone here. Without your work here this place would not exist. You all deserve a tremendous and huge pat on the back because it is you folks who have made this place what it is today.


White Fox


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Speaking of the Gallery ... I really do appreciate the convenience of being able to click on the Gallery link and go directly there ... Versus going to a screen requiring me to type my name and password all over again to obtain access.


Sometimes it's the little things that really count.

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Yes indeed! The problem used to be that we could not link the programs here, and we either had to have NO security or go all the way. We were afraid that "No security" would allow too many Crazies posting in there. Now we can link the programs so it is so much better! Remember when our Forums site went to the new look and layout? With that change, shortly after along came the link we required.



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