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A Fur Experience

White Fox

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As many of you know I often wear fur in the winter. I still love to take at least one fur vacation in the winter of four or five days. I am just ready to finish one off here now a few hundred miles from home.


Last night I had an interesting experience. My favorite coat is a hooded white mink with white fox trim. I brought a couple of coats along for the trip but have used the mink and fox exclusively. Last night I went to a chain restaurant. One I visit often in other locations. Well, not sure of the difference last night. But... As always, I wore my coat in buttoned up. Had the hood up when I entered but put it down as I followed the waitress to the table. Took my coat off before I sat down. As I sat down I noticed at least three people with their mouths open. I would swear to God that they all almost peed their pants at that point. They were absolutely and totally overwhelmed by the site. It was not an anti fur thing in any way. It was strictly a "My God, look at that coat!" sort of thing. Even though I had the coat off, one woman went to the washroom at one point, and went out of her way to walk past me to glance casually at my coat. I imagine she didn't even need to use the washroom.


Anyhow, after wearing my coat around what must be hundreds of people in the last few days it is almost over. Unfortunately it is due to rain here tomorrow. Man, I wish that I had just one more day here.


But sure been a great experience in mink and fox!

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I had a similar experience Saturday night as well.


My family and I all met for dinner for my birthday. My wife was dressed in black with a very thick, blue fox to wear in the cold!


I must say, she turned several heads in the restaurant. I couldn't help but notice the waitress constantly checking on her if she needed anything, all the while trying to brush her hand against that lovely coat!

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Like you, Fox, I NEED to take a winter vacation for the chance for my wife and I to TRULY wear our furs. Since our anniversary is mid-February, I always seek a cold destination of some sort. On our tenth anniversary we returned to Sun Valley where we spent our honeymoon. My wife had no problem slipping on her lynx stroller, or black fox stroller for walks around town or out to dinner. I always had my raccoon coat nearby. This year we'll spend just 4 days up in Lake Tahoe, but at least there will be snow and cold temps. I just bought her an Argentine Silver fox stroller. I love the diagonal sleeves and its totally soft touch. It's a winner and sure to make the trip along with some of her other coats.


And wearing them is just too fun.. I love the reactions.

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It is indeed always great to see the reactions of folks as you walk along. And, as those who wear fur know, it can take awhile to get to where you "trust those reactions". i.e. it can take a time or two out to realize that they are reactions of rather extreme admiration rather than anything else. And of course we are all familiar with the fact that we get patted on the back many times during the winter and never during the summer.


It certainly was interesting though to see the reactions of those folks that night. I've wondered since the difference. I've entered restaurants with the coat buttoned up the same way many times before. Did I do it somewhat differently that time for some reason? More people? Who knows.


Anyhow, those great experiences are all part of fur wearing.



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