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A camera full of "mystery film!"

Worker 11811

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I've got this old camera... a REAL camera, not digital. It's a Pentax Super Program.

I took it out of the closet last week and it wasn't working. Replaced the batteries and no luck.


I looked around for a repair shop but I couldn't find any place in town that would even touch it. I found a couple of places on the internet, in California that would repair it for me but, if I sent it out of town, it would cost a minimum of $130 to $150, plus parts, to do the work. That assumes they can get parts, even.


Pentax does not support this camera anymore.


Just on a hunch, I looked on eBay. I found one being offered for $40. I bid on it and won! I figured, even if the thing doesn't work, I can use it as a source of parts to build one working camera out of. Right?


Anyhow, the package came today. I fiddled around with it after dinner, this evening. As luck would have it, the camera seems to be in working condition! But a funny thing happened.


I cocked the shutter and the film rewind knob turned! Holy shit! There's film still in it! The frame counter says, "18." There must be at least 6 more frames of film left. There might even be 18 frames left. That's half a roll!


Just to be safe, I sent a message to the seller. Turns out she's one of those consignment stores like "iSold-It." She says, that's the way it was when she got it. She says I can throw the film out.


So, here I am. I've got half a roll of "mystery film" in this camera.


I think I'm going to shoot up the rest of the roll and develop the negatives. I won't make prints. I'll just scan them.


God knows what's on that film! What do you think I'll find?

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One time when my wife and I were traveling in Europe, she thought something was wrong with her Pentax. She had tired to take a picture and nothing happened. She handed it to me and in the process - click. Some how the timer had been armed.

Well the camera was pointed at the 2nd and 3rd story windows of a building across the street. She reads lots of mysteries. She immediately starts to think about what we might have captured on the film. "What if there was a glimpse of a murder in that picture?' she asks. "Well we will just have to come back to Geneva to testify" I said. Alas, when the film was developed, we just had a nondescript picture of the bland building taken at a rather odd angle.


So, we anxiously wait to hear and maybe see what you find. Maybe the pictures were taken by another fur lover!!

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So, we anxiously wait to hear and maybe see what you find. Maybe the pictures were taken by another fur lover!!


We think alike! The chances are 1 in 1,000,000 but I still have this weird hope that they will be fur pictures.

They'll probably be snapshots of random people and places.


I just shot up the rest of the roll. I finished it this afternoon and dropped it off to process on my way home from work. Negatives will be done on Monday. I'll scan them on Monday or Tuesday.


If I find anything interesting I'll post them.

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