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Classic 1980's Models in Fur


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Classic Models in fur!


Samurman recently posted some exceptional classic fur model images from the 1980's in the fur fashion section of the Gallery


Rosemary Mc Grotha





And these


(Notice there are two models in the second series )




I am not certain but it made me wonder if the second model was not one of my long time favorites



Renee Toft Simonson

reneesimonsonultracover.th.jpg reneesimonsonultratexas.th.jpg reneesimonsonminkcowl19.th.jpg reneesimonsenandcarolal.th.jpg


The sexy duo in the last shot is Carol Alt and Renee in a golden sable


Ummmmmm mighty fine ........




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Take, for example, the Sunday NYTimes -- it used to be that you'd find of advertisements for furs in main body of the paper, plus more in the colour supplement; nowadays you're lucky if you find three -- Macy's, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue and that's yer lot! (I even remember that some years they'd do a supplement for furs!)

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I left Northern NJ/NYC about 5 years ago. Even then, I found more fur adverts in the Sunday Star-Ledger, NY Post or Daily News than the NY Times...



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Hello All,


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but hopefully this will be of some use to you if you are unaware of this fact, I know I was until recently.


In Roninphy's post he details a picture of Carol Alt and Renee. This is actually from a film which I picked up by chance on DVD on my last visit to Milan. It is called Via Montenapoleone. It is about two fashion models (who are of course played by models!) and is based on Milan's most exclusive shopping Street.


It is a 1986 and is packed with 1980's power furs which I am sure we all like. Renee Simonson Carol Alt, Sharon Gusberti and Corinne Clery all feature in at least two furs each, including sable, coyote, Lynx, blankgamma & brown mink & silver fox. It is well recommended!


It is available for purchase here - http://film-dvd.dvd.it/dvd-commedie/via-montenapoleone/dettaglio/id-839827/


Or there is a small youtube of Renee Simonsen in fox here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY6gcgVsCJg


I hope this was of some use.





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Kudos to you - JS

It is really fantastic that you recognize the models and the film !

Rene was once asked in a print interview about her acting career and she famously said " I can't really comment- You will have to ask the Italians !"

Now I think I know why .


Keeping in a 1980's mode I though I would share these from the 1983 - 1984 period scanned from Harper's Italy


Elegant silver fox hat and cuffs The model is Daniello Frontini - I believe


More on a silver fox theme entrancing Ashley Richardson is the model


Maybe I should change that to mesmerizing Ashley Richardson



(Double click on thumbnail and click again to see full size image. These are lovely HQ 800 kb to 1.2 MB images).




Credit to original scanners and posts by Venus in Haute Couture " title="Applause" />

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Ahh the 1980's when the Czarina's of Fur fashion graced the pages of glossy magazines in Europe and the US


For Example this gorgeous ensemble of dyed black fox accentuating the imperial golden brocaded silk coat (Lancetti Alta Mode 1985)


lancettibrocadedgoldand.th.jpg lancettialtamodefw1985b.th.jpg

( As above click on thumbnail and click on image again to see HQ image )


Ohhh and Please don't ask about the model- she is leaving this party with me !!!! (JK)- I mean really just kidding ..........





Credit to original scanners and posts by Venus in Haute Couture " title="Applause" />

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Classic 1980's and beyond fur icons Karen Mulder and Cindy Crawford


Karen Mulder in Golden sable coat



Classic HQ image of Cindy Crawford in silver fox


(Double click on thumbnail and click again to see full size image. These are lovely HQ 1.2 to 2.0 MB images).

Credit to original scanners and posts



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