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wild mink

Guest freemetolovefur

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I wouldn't say strictly inferior but I would say that the quality is much more variable such that the spread between the two, quality wise, is wider. You might find pelts that are better than ranched mink but you are just as likely to find pelts that are lower quality.


With ranched mink or any other fur that is ranched, you get a CONSISTENT quality in the pelts from year to year.

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Just on a wild hunch, I Googled "Wild Mink" and came up with this YouTube video:



A wild mink hunts for its dinner.

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Weasels are very good at that.




I see weasels here in "North by East and East some more" off and on. I've seen them more this year because of the lack of snow and their color contrast with the bare ground.


I admire their cunning as I do that of all wild creatures. They inspire me to be wild myself. And fur helps that not a little in feeling wild.

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