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Mr Mockle celebrates 10 years of fur appreciation


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Ladies and gentlemen,


Today is a rather special anniversary for me as Mr Mockle's Models In Furs has now been up and running for exactly 10 years. I started my fur fashion photoshoots in October 1999 and, on 15th January 2000, opened a rather simple website to display the best of my images to fur fans online. The site started with a burst of regular updates and suffered a few quiet months (even years) but is still open and still showcasing some of the highlights of my sessions.


Over those ten years we've introduced many beautiful and charming models to you all and given many of them their first chance to wear and pose in fur too. Some of the first models have become icons to fur fans and forums - Tracey Coleman, Lana Cox, Teresa May, Katarina Nikita to name but a few - and many are still modelling today. And through recent shoots I have been able to introduce furs to a new generation of models for their and our collective enjoyment, including some new pictorials posted today of shoots with Danielle Maye, Cate Harrington and Natalia Forrest experiencing their first time in fur.


An enormous thank you to everyone who has contributed to the shoots over the years: especially of course to the many models without whom the furs would not look so alluring, but also to the studio owners and fur friends and fans who have joined me on set or provided furs for some scenes. And a big thank you too goes to all of you who have enjoyed the results of our labours and provided feedback, suggestions and ideas for photoshoots.


Here's to the next 10 years. Cheers!





Mr Mockle

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Congratulations on 10 years!


I can't believe it's been that long. I can remember when I found you site about 8 years ago, I think it was one of the first fur appriciation sites I found on the internet and it really helped me to know that there were others out in the world that love furs as much as I do.


Many thanks and many more years to come of your wonderful photography and films.

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Wow, has it been that long?! I very well remember seeing your announcement and visiting your site. I also very well remember thinking, "Oh my God, I have yet to come close to a fur, any fur. While I tremble at the sight of a fur-clad woman, this guy is not only at ease with them, he has the temerity to actually take them to a photo studio and TAKE THEIR PHOTOS!! He is playing in a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEAGUE!"


I have just checked my photo archive, and the earliest photos I saved from your site are dated 28 January 2000 and the timestamps start at 02:58AM and go until 04:30! You must have kept me awake the whole night, mate, incredible!


I have always thought that your nickname was the coolest anyone could think of. I had imagined Mr. Mockle was like one of those tough, easy going guys from fur adverts of 1970s, who smoked heavily, knew his wines, partied hard, dressed in the most gentlemanly fashion, and dated the most beautiful ladies wearing the most luxurious furs. After having met you in person, I can indeed confirm that you perfectly fit that description:)


Congratulations, Mr Mockle!

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Congrats Mr Mockle on your longevity. Not having a site at GeoCities has paid off in the long run *grin*


Yes, your ladies have brightened up many a day and no doubt lads (and lasses) days of summer, reminding us all of the beauty of women and furs.



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Why Mr. Mockle, that is an extraordinary feat indeed. Here's to another decade of unbridled success!


Best of luck (though it seems that shall have little to do with it)!

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