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Would combining the main forum and the photo forum be a positive?  

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  1. 1. Would combining the main forum and the photo forum be a positive?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure

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This is a personal question, not as a mod.


Do you think combining the photo forum and the discussion forum would create more interest or clog the forum?


Feel free to comment with a post as well.





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I'd say this is a question for the membership.


If or when we get our "Membership Council" in place this would be an excellent question for them to tackle.


Edit by White Fox... I agree with Worker. Could mods please not answer this until members have a chance to contribute. Thanks. W.

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I think it could certianly be a positive, but may also cause problems with speed due to too much data in one place.


As pictures say a thousand words, it would be good to have them in the discussion forum. It may stimulate more discussions.


If data storage is not an issue then I say yes, otherwise no.

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OK... Two things...


1. Mods, feel free to participate here now. I just wanted members to have the chance to participate first.


2. Just one comment of explanation for new members. You can post fur photos in the Den for conversation, etc. Images as we call them. So, it can get complicated here. If a mod figures a post is in the wrong place they might move it but they will never fault you as members are not as familiar with how things work here. We just love to see you post even if you do happen to put a post in the wrong place. And many messages would fit in m ore than one forum.


3. Thanks for the comments Fox. We still gotta to think this through.



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Before answering Linda's question, I would like to remind you why several subforums were created in the first place. The primary reason was to make the place more organized, and discussions more focused. If I recall correctly, some members were complaining that the Den was turning into an ebay and webshots link place. Yes, webshots... Back in 2006, before the advent of facebook and such, webshots WAS HOT, and everyone uploaded their pictures to the site and shared them with their friends, so there were many posts in the Den about webshots photos.


I have gone back and checked the old Den archives and here is an announcement Linda made about the new and upcoming new Den:



The money quote from Linda's post:

The one thing that will be different is there are several forums to wander in and out of. They will not be "in the basement" as our marketplace and off topics is now. They are "on the main floor of the house," to use FrBrGr's terminology.


What this will allow is an unbelievable expansion to the depth of each forum.


The way I view it, it like moving from a small one bedroom house to a very roomy one. There is place for things, and special use rooms. Enough closets to put things away.


I don't want to get into what such a merger of the photo forum and the discussion forum would imply for the Den's direction, but in my opinion, it is better to have more forums, because the original reason for having a number of forums instead of one is still valid: It basically helps organize things.

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Just a quick comment. On the whole my opinion is that you are exactly right. One thing we noticed though after the Den was first developed. A number of people complained because there were too many forums so it seemed spread all over and not organized. So, things were re organized a bit to actually have two or three forums less. That seemed to gt us to about the right number.


You are right about Ebay and Webshots. Your comment is right on the button as to the history there. Now people can enjoy what ever level here that they wish.


It does seem that you are summing up the opinions of others here in the poll and in the comments. And it is always great to know what members would like to see here.





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