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Buying a Mink Coat in St. Petersburg


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Hi there.


My first post here, although i've browsed through over the years!


My girlfirend and i are going to St. Petersburg shortly and we are planning on buying her a mink coat there.


Russia seems the obvious place to buy furs, but i always was told that they make decent fur hats, not fur coats. The good quality mink coats come from the US/Canada or from Italy.


Do you think i might find and US/European coats there (SAGA/NAFA marks)?


And does anyone know a reputable Russian Furrier - or any pitfalls to avoid out there?


Ideally, i'd like to wait until we are in New York to buy her fur, but when its -20c she will be desperate to get one there!


Regards to all - great forum and community - and GREAT to see such a resurgence in Furs - especially here in the UK.



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The European and North American mink skins are superior to the Russian skins. Everyone agrees on this. So, make sure whatever coat you buy her is made of European or North American mink pelts, but then you already knew that since you know to look for the SAGA/NAFA labels.



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When it comes to mink, the best pelts are from North American farms. The best workmanship is done by the Greeks. In all of the fur districts, it will be older Greeks you find in the back rooms, some of the finishers and designers are Russian. They tend to be the owners.


I would contact one of our members, Kostas with Mailonfurs. If I were to buy a fur, I believe his price and quality would be an excellent choice. Here is some site info for you: viewtopic.php?t=7003


My second choice would be New York. I would recommend Nick Sekas. 212.629.6095.


I believe there is one notable difference in Minks in Russia, they value the male pelts for their warmth over female, which here is valued due to the lighter weight. I would check to make certain you know the difference in pelts. I also would not buy a mink that has been dyed. All minks are color enhanced along shoulders and upper back to cover up the hides. It is very hard for the average person to know the difference in medium and high quality. It took me several trip to New York to be able to know enough to evaluate the hype of sales people.



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