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Wearing Fur. A question.

White Fox

Do you as an individual like to wear fur, or hate the thoughts of wearing it.  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you as an individual like to wear fur, or hate the thoughts of wearing it.

    • I am a woman, and love to wear fur.
    • I am a woman, and if I had the money I would buy a fur coat and wear it tomorrow.
    • I am a man, and love to wear fur coats.
    • I am a man, and love to wear fur lined coats but only those lined with fur.
    • I am a man, and if I had the money I would buy a fur coat and wear it tomorrow.
    • I am a man, and I detest the thought of myself or any other man wearing a fur coat.
    • I am a man, and I detest the thought of myself wearing a fur coat or at least would NEVER wear one myself under any circumstances.

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OK, first off, there is a reason for this post. However, I don't want to spoil the fun and mention the reason. I'll tell you later.


I am wondering how many people here wear fur or detest guys wearing fur, etc. Just wondering the balance. So I am going to create a poll. Hey Mr B. I'm learning finally! I miss your polls guy!!!


Feel free to post comments in this thread about your post if you wish. And, if you hate forums, if you are a member, you can put in your vote, and not give away anything about yourself, etc. For the poll, "Fur Coat" refers to any length, including parks, jacket, full length, etc.


Since it really does not make sense to post on more than one option on this, I am restricting it to one option only.


I hope that all mods here will feel free to vote as well.

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If the wording of the poll is interpreted literally, then my selection was invalid and there is no option that fits for me as I wear a fur parka, not a fur coat.

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OK Kevin...


Had not thought of that. I changed it to allow for two options. So now both of you can vote!


I did not want to add an option as one time I tried that in a poll, and when I edited it all existing votes were lost. So no one knew what was going on. Changing the option to allow you both to vote seemed the best solution.



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A little off topic perhaps... but anyone else notice this as well. If a guy is wearing a fur coat, a woman will generally accept this and talk... where as a guy seeing another guy wearing fur almost seems unacceptable?? Ive really noticed this walking in the city parks.. a woman will generally say hello or such, while guys just stare you down.. very uncomfortable sometimes...

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WiPeg... I'll think a bout that and how to reply, etc.


OK, now for the reason for this poll. I told you that there was one, and that I would tell you what it was later. Now is "Later".


When we began this site (i.e. the original Den way back when), I am pretty sure that if we had ran this same poll that things would have been reversed. It is interesting to think of the reason. Now we have what - 1/7 of the men replying saying that the would like to wear fur. The fur linings only option might skew that a bit but not much. After all, those are fur. 6 out of 7 would like to or do wear fur.


I am certain that way back that the poll might have been reversed or close to that. Anyone else here remember that? Am I correct? I well remember that my desire to actually wear fur and experience the softness, etc, seemed to be unusual here and on other sites.


I am wondering the reason. Is it that this site has made some members think differently? Is that thought "Out there" and everyone thinks the same way?


Anyhow, I had the suspicion that this poll might land up rather similar to what it is right now. So thought I would try. I hope of course that people keep voting in the poll to let us know your thoughts. I just did not want to mention the reason when we started. Sometimes if people know the reason for such a poll, they will tend to skew it somewhat - probably unknowingly - but still skew it.


By the way, to me it is great that more guys are wearing fur and/or thinking about it. To me the world is a much better place thinking about that. I am actually surprised that almost 50% here wear fur. That is fantastic. It is much higher than I might have thought, and that is great!



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I certainly do like fashionable furs. I would certainly like to wear fur. It would be nice to wear a fashion fur but, honestly, I don't wear fashionable clothes a whole lot. Khaki slacks and flannel shirts are what I wear most. Land's End, etc. What I want in a fur is something that goes along with that style.


I would like something in a mid-length parka or like an anorak. It should be nice looking but more utilitarian than fashionable. Not quite "Nanook of the North"


If I had the money I'd get a fashionable fur for wearing on special occasions and a fur parka for daily wear.


Just for personal satisfaction, I'd like to have a fur that looks like I killed a wolf with my bare hands, skinned it and made a fur coat out of it!


Then, if somebody reacts like they do to "WinnipegFur" wearing a fur coat, I can look them right in the eye and say, "Yes, I skinned it myself! And if you don't lay off, YOU'RE NEXT!"


J.K. -- But it would still be funny to see the look on somebody's face! Wouldn't it?

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  • 1 month later...

White fur,

In my case, i think detest to see a man waering fur is too strong for a word. I think a girl, i mean a lady is a lot more sexier than a men. So i do not detest seeing a man wearing fur but i prefer a lot more seeing a woman!


As for wearing a fur myself, I love to do it but...

A) only to wear it inside the house. I admire those men able to wear it outside the house in the street. But i'm one of those that thinks its not my age to wear fur. And i know, what your gonna say, i've had this discussion many times with different fur lover over the years.


b) I like to wear my fur inside out. Meaning i like to feel the fur on my skin.




These are my thoughts.

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Say, can't argue with that! Agree totally. Most any of us would sooner see a woman in fur than a man! Maybe one or two otherwise in this whole good ol' Den.


And not many of us who would not love a rain coat lined in fur!



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Put my vote in too, and rather predictably fell into the majority


I wonder how many members who love to wear furs themselves, do so outside as well as in? I know some members who post regularly often post about their experiences of wearing furs out, but there must be many who love to wear furs inside, but have not taken the step out the front door yet.


I have worn my fox boa out whilst at home in the UK, but since moving to Australia 18 months ago have not really had the opportunity Only been to the snow once since being here, and I was boarding with a mate who is a veggie and I know is anti-fur, so thought I'd avoid any arguements.


Did once wear my Crystal fox jacket to drive out to a restaurant in the winter, but left it in the car as I was too shy to walk into a busy restaurant in it. It is really a ladies cut, but gets worn often at home, along with my long blue fox coat, which is a little on the small side. Maybe this year, if the Mrs and I go to the snow together. She doesn't particularly want to wear furs, but enjoys it in the bedroom!



32 deg C and humid in Sydney!!

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I wonder how many members who love to wear furs themselves, do so outside as well as in?


I tend to be hot natured and so as a rule only wear my fur garments (real and faux) outside. I do have two faux fur throws (one faux sable, one faux ranch mink) that I snuggle under while reading or watching TV in summer and winter (I keep the house around ~70 degrees F year round).


Wearing fur, especially if you're a man, does take a certain amount of courage. I started off (kinda sorta per WF's instructions) wearing fur to cultural/high end places away from the area I live in -- Museums, theater, upscale shopping centers, etc. Over time I have become more comfortable wearing fur and now it has become almost like a (pun intended) second skin. As an example, last night my ankle length fisher coat comfortably went from dinner at a nice restaurant to shopping at a gourmet food store to shopping at US discount retailer Target.


Get around, get around, my furs get around ...


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