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Season's Greetings

Mr Barguzin

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Season's Greetings from the Land Downunder... where it is not as warm/hot as one would have expected. Be warned that some of your TV Stations may be showing you pics of the 'great flood' in the next few days, as a cyclonic depression has crossed the west coast and made its way across Oz delivering rain all the way. Now THAT'S a Santa we like *grin*


As I type this, it is..... drizzling, and the temp is a nice sub 20C (less than 68F), and rain is predicted to get heavier over the next two days around here (here's hoping)


HAve seen pics of what has occurred on the East Coast, and am sorta envious, cause I still am "dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the one..." you Northerners gets *grin*


Ah well, one day.


Seasons Greetings, enjoy your furs and fur sightings and stay warm and safe.

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