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Had a Delightful Day


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Merry Christmas Folks.


I had an absolutely delightful day Christmas shopping with my wife in our furs.


She wore her full-length hooded Shadow Fox trimmed Coyote coat and I wore my Arctic Wolf large jacket. We received many compliments and were petted often. It didn't matter where we went, the grocercy store, the mall, anywhere.


In fact, one very fashionably dressed lady in a leather coat just came up to my wife from behind and started talking to her. She acted like she knew my wife. She exclaimed how beautiful her fur was and just went on about it. It really took us by surprise!! My wife is in her 60's and can still turn heads when she wears her furs.


Yes, it has been a great day.


The snow is falling here, the Christmas lights are glowing in the snow and it's forecast to drop into the single digits again. We like to take walks in the evening in the snow dressed in our various furs.


Well, hope the rest of you have similar experiences this Holiday Season.





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I can only imagine how gorgeous you two must have looked in fur. I take fur has become the token of your mutual love. I wish me and my wife can be like you when we reach our 60's.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, folks!

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Indeed, Happy Holidays to all of our members here at the Den. We truly hope that you have a tremendous holiday season and an even better year next year!


ANd Trebor, great to hear of your experiences wearing fur. We always love to hear of them so much, and to see the photos that you post of those great times you have in our Gallery.



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