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lynx fur and sable fur

Guest freemetolovefur

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I've read in numerous places that lynx fur is the only long-haired fur that does not shed. Then, I came across this article that says that lynx fur does shed:




What am I to believe?


Also, is it true that sable fur does not shed? I have a golden sable fur pillow and it's gorgeous. I don't want to discover in a few years time that it is shedding.



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While I am not aware of there being any fur that will not shed, I do know that friction will cause the hairs of almost any fur to break. Also the process of cutting and sewing pelts will leave some loose hairs that can appear to be shedding if not properly brushed out during the finishing of the fur item.


I think the tanning process used and the quality of the pelts along with the care (or abuse) that a fur item receives are major items in determining if a fur will appear to shed.

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