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Simply stunning Sigrid Agren


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Woooooo Heeeeee Simply stunning set of Sigrid Agren wearing the most elegant furs



7ac9d1bf0c530591059.th.jpg b916c9cea9450715059.th.jpg ee20a78c2c1d0812492.th.jpg

9ce1f8486c1c0989758.th.jpg 9a73089011c41212321.th.jpg


From a summer issue of Russian Vogue (Thanks to original scanner and post by Simon G) " title="Applause" />


Pure Pulchritude !




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Wow, awesome set!





This is a magnificent fox coat! The white balance of the photograph somewhat prevents us to see it in its original colour palette, but this way, the contrasts are clearer to appreciate. Look at that! It's pure, white and soft as feathers or a white kitten on the one hand, but wild, untamed and varies as a wolf, tanuki or coyote on the other... To speak of perfection!




Roninphy, I must confess the white fox stole she is wearing in this photo looks like the golden standard for young and experienced FMF designers to aspire to! Now, if you can make your models' hair fall over their furs as naturally as it does here, complete with shadows and such, I will call you the MASTER of FMF!


Pure Pulchritude !


Here is one word I need to look up in a dictionary (No, I am not talking about "Pure" it's the other one!





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Sigrid Agren looks awesome with her sable collar in Zac Posen FW09 show. The contrast between the softness of the fur and the shine of the satin, the colour harmony between the sable's brown and the satin's gold, her long leather gloves, and her pantyhose... All immaculate details! And the closeup shot is breath-taking!


th_11665_00050h_122_556lo.jpg th_10387_84936562_10_122_419lo.jpg th_10691_00050h_122_28lo.jpg th_13818_00150big_122_169lo.jpg

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And how could I forget the incredibly beautiful gown Sigrid presented as Oscar de la Renta FW2010-2011 show?! You might remember the gown from this year's Oscars, as it was worn by Cameron Diaz, but sadly, she dispensed with the sable fur detail over the chest, the most important part of the gown!!!


th_04765_OLR48_122_254lo.jpg th_02793_OscardeLaRenta_FW1011_NY_12_122_204lo.jpg th_03095_OscardeLaRenta_FW1011_NY_60_122_751lo.jpg

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Can you believe she is only 19 years old?! What a serene beauty!


Vogue China, August 2009

"C'est Chic"

Model: Sigrid Agren

Photographer: Terry Tsiolis

Styling: Samira Nasr


th_53543_s1_123_174lo.jpg th_53551_s3_123_556lo.jpg



Emilio Pucci FW2009-10

Grey short coat with Foxtrim and oversized collar. OMG!

th_45968_85159394_10_122_1086lo.jpg d6bedc93136070.jpg 05c22693136088.jpg d5cd7d93136096.jpg 304ff993136155.jpg


Black Broadtailcape with goat trim

th_46069_85159466_10_122_35lo.jpg 881b3993136135.jpg 4e62e393136167.jpg



Derek Lam FW2010-11

Camel trench coat with bleached golden fox collar

9674996510.th.jpg 22791a93136068.jpg adf06293137346.jpg


Marc by Marc Jacobs FW2010-11



Marc Jacobs FW2009-10

Metallic polka-dot coat with dyed fox hood

c6165593136117.jpg 9eefdf93136114.jpg th_50496_marc_jacobs_fall_2009_celebritycity_010_122_209lo.jpg 7d4a4929481868.gif th_53292_00350h-2009. th_53302_00360h-2009. e0098830398530.gif


Lanvin FW2009-10

Black mink jacket with funnel collar

9bc3ee93136107.jpg 59718a93136112.jpg b32b1093137717.jpg bbb8dd29700148.gif 1aad2c29701913.gif th_00687_41_122_195lo.jpg


Karl Lagerfeld FW2009-10

Black mink hooded helmet hat

bf048393136102.jpg cbcce129033300.gif 69bbc093138639.jpg th_65007_00010h-1--2009_03_08_15_54_43_1925509_hq_122_1003lo.jpg


Fendi FW2010-11

White fox ring

a3c0aa93136100.jpg 76e44c93138627.jpg

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From one of her earliest assignments in 2007.


Mercedes Benz C-Class Special


Lifestyles of the Fast and Famous

Photographed by: Joel Low

Model: Sigrid Agren

Styling by: Joshua Cheung


th_78507_hp_scanDS_911116551453_122_1059lo.jpg th_78552_hp_scanDS_91111762015_copy_122_1088lo.jpg th_78523_hp_scanDS_9111173251_122_686lo.jpg th_78483_hp_scanDS_91111701510_122_994lo.jpg

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And these editorials show that sometimes even the fashion editors don't know their silver fox from mink:)


Risque Business

Photographed by: Kenneth Wong

Model: Sigrid Agren

Styling by: Sharon Tulasidas


th_23366_IP_Consultation_Schedule_122_533lo.jpg th_23335_hp_scanDS_911223575316_122_163lo.jpg

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Sigrid wore two fantastic fur outfits at the Paris Haute Couture shows recently. Stunningly beautiful, as always...


Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture FW2013

393f00201780814.jpg fbd2a4201780900.jpg 9852b2201780923.jpg 5b9b18201780937.jpg 46e6f3201780952.jpg 303cb3201780970.jpg a40af1201780985.jpg


Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture FW2013

8b8f6e201781018.jpg 854bb3201781090.jpg


f3335b201780999.jpg d78117201781031.jpg 3824ad201781049.jpg 76c070201781071.jpg ea3ec2201781081.jpg d6d93f201781112.jpg





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