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Fur and fur technique ID question?


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I have been looking through the gorgeous images in the flickr group VENUS IN FURS:



And I came across the following photo from Fendi's 1984 collection.




The fur on the right is most probably mink, but how about the one on the left? And how did they achieve the effect? 1984 is a very early date as far as I know, with respect to fur techniques, which were mostly pioneered in 1990s, partly to make furs look "not like fur" or "not like your mother's fur." And some times, those techniques are simply used on fur pieces, to save money, but Fendi is a luxury brand, it should be well above such small calculations.


Any ideas?

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One of our furrier members will probably be able to provide a better answer but until then, I will say what I think the technique might be.


To me, it looks like fur plates (possibly of fur scraps) were cut into narrow horizontal strips and sewn together with a strip of leather between each strip of fur to make a plate upon which the garment pattern was laid out.


No matter how it was done, it looks like a massive amount of work to achieve an unusual look.

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Looks to me like it was done like a Venetian drape.


e.g. - Hang a piece of fabric from a window then run cords vertically, sewn into the cloth at intervals such that pulling on the cords gathers the drape and pulls it up. Done correctly, the fabric will form layered ruffles as it pulls up.


Don't know... Just my guess.

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