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fur is for animals

Lil Dragonfly

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(Made ya look!)


One time upon arriving at a friend's house I removed my chinchilla scarf and placed it on the bed. The cat came over, sniffed it, then curled up on top of it and went to sleep.


The next time I visited I put my mink coat on the bed. She immediately got on top of it and started purring.


I was going to get my cat Luna a fur blanket for christmas, but my mom said no (she wants all the blankets to be machine-washable). Next time I visit my mom's house I will try showing Luna one of my fur coats, and see what happens.


I think that all cats would love fur once they experience it. We all know that they are attracted to nice soft things in general.


Anyone else have or know fur-loving pets?

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I've worn furs around golden retrievers. Their reaction has been to simply sit down and look - almost like they didn't know what to make of the fur, except to realize that they were not the 'big dog' in the house. I never experienced any chewing or 'bad' reactions from them.



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I did have an un-neutered Siamese male cat who pissed on my sheepskin rugs and ruined them.


Hell of a cat though. I still miss him. Called him Y A Tittle.



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My cat will chose to sit on fur before anything else.....


and my house is littered with furs....rugs, cushins, throws..just fur everywhere....and the cat even has its own sheepskin in fornt of the fire.....yeah a sheepskin cos I won't put a fur infront of the fire....don't want to dry it out.. ha ha

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