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A look back at the 1980s

Guest freemetolovefur

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Indeed, a very nice and informative article. I have come across this and many other interesting magazine stories related to fur when I posted my findings in this forum back in October:



A few other finds from the New York magazine:

- 20 January 1986, p36-42, "Fred's Furs Fly" about Fred Schwarz, the owner of the Fur Vault and his mass-reaching tactics. I have posted a great image of Fred in fur, surrounded by two gorgeous ladies, also in fur:



- 14 July 1997, p20-21, "Back from Siberia" on the resurgence of the Russian fur market.

- 15 May 1989, p118, 120, "Skin Care" on how to care for fur garments.

- 20 Nov 1978, p112-120, "Fur Weather" I have posted p113 to the gallery: http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10574/new_york_p113.jpg

- 7 Sep 1970, p60-62, "From major mink to minor muff"


There are many more fur gems from the magazines of the 1970s and 80s, waiting to be "discovered" by us.

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The 1980s were a great time for fur. Thank you both for sharing those articles with us. God I love the '80's... albeit because I was still in my 20s!



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