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how are double-sided fur pillows made

Guest freemetolovefur

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I'd suggest asking your Teddy Bear how he was sewn.


He would probably tell you that his fur was sewn with the right sides together then turned inside out. A small area would be left unsewn so that he can be stuffed. Then that last part would be hand sewn to close him up.


The same kind of sewing machines used to make fur coats can be used to sew plush fabric together. They just need to have some adjustments made to handle the different thicknesses. They also have an air jet that blows on the fur so that it doesn't get matted in the seam as the machine sews.





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Those machines aren't cheap! If you look on eBay, you might find one priced somewhere between $800 and $1,000 for a used one. You might pay double that for a brand new one with all the accessories.


I absolutely understand the spirit behind being able to say that you made it yourself because I feel like that, sometimes, too. However, if you just want a fur blanket, it's cheaper just to buy one. Look around and you can find a medium sized fur blanket for $1,000 or less. That would be the price of just the machine. This doesn't include the price of the pelts or the cost of your time in making the goods.


On the other hand, if your goal is to learn how to sew fur, I'd say a blanket is the best place to start.

Get yourself a machine, some furs and a place to work then GO FOR IT!

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