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hypocrisy of taxidermy enthusiast

Guest freemetolovefur

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I came across this while searching for images of cross fox pelts. This collector of fur pelts for taxidermy purposes is probably a clueless teenager or 20 something. The hypocrisy of his/her writing is just ridiculous (I assume this =Krissyfawx is a she).








Pelt Inventory


=Krissyfawx Aug 1, 2009, 8:17:09 PM


Thanks :3 I pretty much have the same views as you. I try to avoid getting pelts and whatnot from inhumane sources, I'm against the harvesting of fur just to make fur coats and ridiculous fashion. The pelts and taxidermy mounts I get I try to make certain that the animal was either from a natural or accidental death, the animal was humanely euthanized, or all parts of the animals were used.

Also it'd be really interesting to see some steampunk taxidermy xD I'd totally go for some of that! *is a steampunk enthusiast herself ;D*

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