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National Post (Canada) article on pro&cons of fur fashion


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It's titled "Couture conversation: Can fur be ethical, outrageous, practical, stylish and laughable?" and indeed is a conversation between Nathalie Atkinson and Derek McCormack.


Some worthy quotes:

Nathalie: "But then there's also the separate element of aesthetics - fur has become exotic both by its periodic long absences from fashion trends (in large part thanks to PETA) and its association with Eastern Europe."


Nathalie: "Human civilization as a whole is an affront to nature, and it's not just fur! Still, I have to admit that I love the careless look of a big gorgeously warm fur coat worn over a T-shirt and leggings, the way Vera Wang does. I just do. It's a decadent juxtaposition. Should I only approve of fur when it's directly about keeping warm up in James Bay? Probably. But I've been influenced by how fashion divorces the aesthetics from the original intended function."


Nathalie: "Personally I refuse to be browbeaten by PETA's propaganda and shame-on-you arguments. The issue is complicated, at least for me. Isn't it?"


Derek is strongly antifur, but Nathalie seems ready to give in.

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Nathalie: "Human civilization as a whole is an affront to nature, and it's not just fur!




It is the very same people who whine and cry about fur who sit in coffee shops, drinking their venti mocha frappachinos, pontificating about how terribly OTHER people treat the environment. Then they hop in their four wheel drive SUVs and drive home to their air conditioned homes and watch television all night long.


Laughably hypocritical!

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The issue is complicated for me, too. I eat meat. I wear leather shoes. Like many people, I draw the line at wearing fur. It's hypocrisy, with caveats. I was raised eating meat; it's a biological and cultural habit that's hard to beat. Nobody is raised wearing fur, with the possible exceptions of the Gabor sisters.


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