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A New Mod Coming...

White Fox

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Ok folks...


We have another new mod coming on board shortly. Normally I would announce this on the forum the individual was mod of but since it is Marketplace I thought I would do that here.


This is indeed a member of the "much better looking sex". Linda and Lynxette were complaining that they just could not outrun you guys any more so they needed some help. Indeed it is tremendous to have another of our gals helping us out here.


Before I introduce her though I need to make a real apology here. While setting up OFF the other day and not thinking what I was doing, somehow I had her name "Up in lights" before I even had asked her properly about this. This caused her a lot of problems and for that I am truly sorry. She had folks mentioning her being a mod and she did not even know at that time that this was coming.


As all of you know we have a lot of changes coming up in the next year and a half or so. Just one of the changes is to bring back pictures. Just getting ready for this will be a large undertaking. So although Foxy is on a low post forum, she will indeed be involved a great deal in the back room here so to speak. (Man, that's the only way I could get her away from Fox so AK and I could make time with her!)


I have asked Foxy and she told me that she would be glad to help us with some of these future projects. Also, she is going to help Linda with trying to find ways to make our gals feel that this is their site too. This is indeed not a replacment for Linda as I am truly hoping to see Linda back. This is a way to even out the workload for both of them.


Now, don't get to thinking that this means having pictures is only a couple of months away. It could well be closer to a year than two months. But we will indeed be working constantly on that and other projects now that the old message Archive has been opened to allow us to give our friends at melody that badly needed space to breathe.


For now Foxy is going to be a mod in the Marketplace area. This will give her the experience required to be ready to work with the new areas as they develop. She is one of our younger members here, and being a member of that sex that all of us guys seem to be so attracted to, she is going to be a really great addition to our group.


So folks, I hope you will welcome Foxy Lady as a mod on the Marketplace Forum. She and Off are now our newest mods on the Den.


White Fox

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hi foxy lady i hope we can be fur friends for a long time and chat about furs u can pm me anytime day or night im very fur friendly.

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Congratulations Foxy! How are you going to celebrate?


She's going to Hawaii!


Fox is right. I am celebrating by moving to Hawaii!

Now if only I had some place to stay............

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