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European mink vs. North American mink

Guest freemetolovefur

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Reading that interesting article about how NAFA is aggressively pursuing the Chinese fur market made me think about the quality of farmed mink from Europe versus the quality of farmed mink from North America.


Any members here own European mink garments and can give their opinions about its quality? Granted, European mink has improved in quality since the 1980s, so the age of their European mink garments should be taken into consideration.




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I had a North American versus European mink discussion with a furrier a couple months ago. His take was that North American pelts were more expensive (10% - 20%) than European because the North American pelts had denser, more uniform (and thus more desirable for today's consumer) fur. Interestingly, he attributed the American pelt characteristics as much to diet as to weather.

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