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Rabbit fur lined deerskin gloves at LL Bean


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I am a big fan of LL Bean's shearling slippers and while shopping for a new pair, I found this rabbit fur lined deerskin gloves. At $49, they are a steal and deerskin looks great in chestnut color. Timberland makes fantastic deerskin parkas, as OFF will probably testify, and I am sure these gloves would go together nicely!



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Pretty nice!

Decent price for L.L. Bean leather/deerskin gloves, regardless of whether they are rabbit fur inside or not.


As nice as they are, I wouldn't have much call to wear gloves as nice as that. I typically wear ski gloves outdoors in the winter or else I will wear "White Mule" leather work gloves. But we talked about this before. It has less to do with preference than it does they type of work I do.


I'd love a nice pair of warm, furry gloves like that but they wouldn't last a day the way I would end up wearing them.

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